Friday, 29 July 2011

New Moon in Leo Let it Shine (then duck)

Today brings a New Moon in Leo. With Sun, Moon and Venus hangin’ together in the Sun ruled sign… plus Jupiter amplifying this exotic mix , there are lots of warm fuzzy and er …. sexy feelings about.  

Our feelings of self worth and star quality will be lit up today … it’s time to shine. Just gotta make sure there is room on the stage for everyone. All you divas…the spotlight is on you. Leo Sun, Ascendant or Moon especially.... will feel kinda special today. 

Leos always feel a strong sense of entitlement…and by gosh they deserve it. Doesn’t everything revolve around the Sun?  So too should all things revolve around a Leo.

Now to be fair…most Leos are so warm and generous they deserve most of the attention they attract. 

So what does this mean for the rest of us lowly people? Well with Venus so close in the mix, there’s a lot of love to go around. The Sun shines for all of us as the New Moon starts a new cycle beginning with Leo. Leo is about the ego and having a strong sense of heralds in enjoyment, pleasure, creativity and fun. Drama is a specialty. Nothing is too theatrical for Leo. 

The added influence of Uranus and Jupiter hightens creativity to fever pitch…get out those paintbrushes (or camers or writing pad or laptop…) ready to record the waves of inspiration coming our way.

Leos have a special affinity with Gold. The New Moon is a Sun/Moon conjunction… the famous conjunctio. This signature, symbolized by alchemy…describes the making of gold from lead… creating value from what is lowly. 

The powerful archetypal moment brings a fusion of opposites… of male/ female, Yin and Yang…Sun and Moon…. to create something new and wonderful. Children come from such unions, and/or  a myriad of  symbolic offspring that arise from our creative process.  

May you spin some gold today out of the threads of your life... (even if they be tattered threads) 

And remember…. make your intentions clear… to manifest with this New Moon whatever you need, want , desire.  Let your true passion for life be your guide.

Then, right after this lovely and luscious New Moon, we will start to feel the effects of Mars hitting…yup…you guessed it…the Cardinal Grand Cross (head for the hills!)...

As the planet of war and aggression (and desire)  moves from Gemini to Cancer ….and right into the Grand Cross signature…there’s gonna be some pretty fierce and potentially violent (and highly emotional) energy hitting some of us square in the face. 

A friend of mine is a clairvoyant healer and he often feels a heaviness building up before a major earthquake or natural disaster. Now I am not making any predictions here, but he told me today he feels something  very intense building up.

I told him about Mars currently entering the field of the Grand Cross…and we both shook our heads wondering how  it will manifest. Mars god of war opposing Pluto god of destruction challenging Saturn god of karma and matter and Uranus god of sudden shocks and upheals…could be very very difficult tense volatile few weeks coming up.

Oh and add Mercury going retrograde in a few days… for the whole month of August…and all I can say is…enjoy your weekend!!!

p.s. Elsa of Elsa elsa .com(sidebar) gave some good advice re this tension coming up...about how Saturn in Libra is saying that those relationships that are solid and true will stand us in good stead during trying times. Having clear boundaries will help as well. Add to that Neptune in Pisces... telling us that there is a powerful divine force guiding and protecting us from harm.

So don't worry. Be happy.

                    'Fallen Angel' by Sue Raven  (copyrite)

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