Friday, 1 July 2011

Loss and Liberation Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Feeling it yet? The eclipse is already under way.  This is a day for BIG feelings and emotions... so be extra aware and cautious and remember to keep both your mind and your heart open. Emotional healing and transformation is the order of the day.

Early today, both the Sun and the Moon stand at 9 Degrees Cancer, causing a partial eclipse of the Sun.  They are opposite Pluto in Capricorn  and squared both Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This configuration is called the Cardinal Grand Cross...because the  planets make a cross in the sky (also known as a Grand Square because they all square each other)    It is powerful stuff.  (see last several posts)

 An eclipse of the Sun means the Moon is dominant, and both luminaries are in Cancer, where the Moon is the ruling planet. This gives the Moon, and the sign Cancer, a particular  emphasise today.

The Moon rules the night sky bringing dreams and intuitions, stirring up the past, creating  hyper sensitive emotions and activating our need to nurture and be nurtured. Cancer is the sign of the mother. It represents our need to feel.   And this Moon's  dominance  in the daytime during the eclipse means our feelings need to be made conscious. 

Eclipses bring an abrupt end to a cycle and symbolize powerful junctures and shifts in awareness.

Today's Sun and Moon are also key triggers for the Grand Cross, increasing the  atmosphere of  powerful emotional transformation.   Not sayin'  that it's the end of world or anything... though it may well be the end of our world as we know it (on an emotional level).

A New Moon starts a new cycle of energy; it's a time of creating intention for future manifestation. It is always true that what we put out comes back to us...and at a New Moon and particlularly an Eclipse...that is an especially potent truth. An Eclipse brings us endings. The old has to go to make room for something new. So... endings and new beginnings. Loss and liberation.

With the Moon (soul)  eclipsing the Sun (ego) opposite Pluto retrograde (deep stuff coming to the surface) square Saturn (rigidity, resistance) and Uranus (rebellion) those feelings today might be a bit  testy.  Anyone with their Sun at the early degrees of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries may feel especially touchy and emotionally reactive. No experience under this aspect will be superficial. Old feelings that have long been dormant may rise to the surface. Feel them and let them go. And if someone you know is going through this....
....let many thing pass.

As this eclipse represents the need to let go of old emotions baggage and move into new territory, I find it very  interesting that  today  I am going to sort and pack some of the belongings (my literal baggage) that  I left behind last year when I had to leave England. It was a very emotional departure after twelve years here, and I was a bit anxious about old emotions and attachments getting stirred up again while here. I felt the last two eclipses most these fears came to the surface. I have had to let a lot go.

And  having to let go of actual physical stuff today on the Eclipse in Cancer (my own sign) is gonna be the final test. Out with the old in with the new.  We Cancers are a bit famous for not letting go easily, and I spent many years here nesting and gathering things that carry personal meaning (as well as practical stuff like college books, teaching materials, art supplies, lovely clothes...sigh. ..).

The Moon rules the past and really quite a perfect day to go over atachments, things, memories ... and...release them.  And  Cancer also rules the home. I have never felt so at home anywhere as I have felt in leaving has not been easy.  Yet, perhaps due to shake up of  the last two eclipses...I feel clear and free and ready to move forward. I  can now carry my inner  home with me wherever I go.

Meanwhile: It's time  to move on and all this baggage has to go. 

So if there is something or someone who you need to release..this is an excellent day to do so. There may be some resistance and hesitation (Saturn) as old feelings surface and trigger our  fears as we face the death of the past (Pluto).

Yet new possibilities and visions (Uranus) and healing (trine to Chiron and Neptune) can come from this somewhat challenging time as, like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, we rise again. It might not be easy for some today, yet  there is huge potential in today's eclipse for emotional renewal and rebirth.

Make a wish. Let it be so.

Everything is floating.
Every thing is free.
There is nothing I can call my own ...
cause everything is me.
So dont try to hold on to anyone or anything you know...
Just feel the love within you
And let it flow....
                                                       (Harry Frith Smith)

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  1. thanks Sue, vivid dreams these days,
    will consider what it is time to let go of.
    the past seems to hold less power over me, so good beginning