Friday, 27 May 2011

How was your day?

Today at, Satori asked if people had a day that was up to their expectations…astrology wise. Writing my response got me thinking about my experience with transits.

Ever since I started writing about Astrology, I have felt much more affected by the planets. That’s obviously because I am more aware of and focused on what they are doing (“what you focus on grows”). Perhaps in the past, I just had good and bad days without especially noticing ... or attributing it to anything astrological. In fact, I would have scoffed at such an idea.

But now when a particular mood or tendency seems to stand out…like being more angry or reactive for instance, I will check to see if Mars (or another appropriate match) is aspecting some personal point in my chart. I swear, it always is… on those days. (I chose Mars because my Mars is in Pisces, which is generally a weak and passive Mars. I do not easily express my anger so it shows up as unusual when I do). This process of observing and checking in with current planetary aspects has led me to my own experience of what transits mean.

(A transit is when a planet in the sky is crossing over some particular aspect or planet in your birth chart).

Today I had a difficult day, energetically and physically I felt quite off… and was thinking maybe there is something in the sky hitting me in some way. In fact, the last couple of weeks have not been easy. I am currently travelling and sleeping in different beds, seeing a lot of people etc... which is fun yet a bit wearing at the best of times. I assume this has a lot to with my stress levels and general fatigue.

Then I looked at today’s line up and realized that Mercury Venus and Mars are all close together in Taurus… almost exactly opposite my Ascendant (rising sign). Plus today the Sun in Gemini is opposite my Moon in Sagittarius. Oppositions often manifest in relationships…and I have been dealing with tensions around overexposure to other people’s energy (I live alone and have been a bit of a hermit lately)

The upcoming eclipse is also in Gemini…at 11 degrees…and exactly opposite my Moon. Perhaps my irritation (and exhaustion) will come to a head in some way? Or maybe the Iceland Volcano will screw up my flight to England and I will be forced to surrender and let go. I am certainly experiencing a build-up of internal tensions (Mars opposite Ascendant). Hopefully Venus in there can smooth things out a little. I will let you know!!

Meanwhile…for your info…there is a partial Solar eclipse on Wednesday, June 1 (then a total Lunar eclipse June 15th, then another partial Solar one July 1)

In the build up to an eclipse we can feel an acceleration and tension in the area of our chart the eclipse falls in. It is at 11 degress Gemini...look at see where it falls in your chart.(Go to to create a free chart).

Added to that…the current Moon has been hitting the cardinal T-square… creating more intensity.

The Sun’s aspect to Saturn (trine) helps stabilize things, so despite the tension building up to the eclipse, the overall weekend will be smoother because of it.

More on the eclipse on Sunday. Till then…(from Astrologer Liz Greene…)

“The planets impell, they do not compell….”


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