Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Great Mother

 The Great Mother, ruled by Taurus...resides over Mother's Day....which is celebrated today in North America.  Fecundity and nurturing are her domain....May is her are blooming and seeds are sprouting. The New Moon in Taurus last Tuesday, and the Sun's movement in the sign of the about the earth and grounding and getting in touch with our senses.

Welcome the Merry Month of May!

All this earthy energy, still propelled by the group of planets in Aries, is giving us so much impetus to be the active creators of our own lives. The rich sensual energy of Taurus combined with the fiery creativity of Aries thrusts us forward …like the wind scattering seeds… to land in the fertile soil of our life.

“Uranus in Aries,… puts the world on notice that self-awakening is the theme of our decade. Then, there is Chiron in Pisces, which is deeper, reminding us that soul awakening is the theme of our decade. Gradually, the two levels will merge….Chiron and Neptune, both decidedly spiritual influences, are in a long conjunction, lasting many years -- and now the conjunction has moved into Pisces. This is an invitation.

Yes, the material world and the expression of the personality are interesting. Yet Pisces grants a sense of depth and meaning, the potential to create a vision, and the reminder that only you can know who you truly are.”      Eric Francis (Planet Waves)

So: Uranus in Aries: waking us up to who we are. Aries is about the self. It can remain on the surface and get caught up in desires and wants and demands. But the tension of the Pluto square combined with the lightning bolt of Uranus… can (and will) shake and shock us (and inspire us) into going deeper into our authentic selves.

As Eric said...both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces are drawing the focus inward…into the watery realms of the soul. The unknowable... calling to be known.

Then, Saturn in Libra ….enforcing boundaries, balance and reason.... in contrast to so much Aries Passion.

And an abundance of Taurian grounding.... to bring us down to earth make it real.

So on this day of celebrating the Great Mother, the creator of life...may we all renew our commitment to ourselves, to this earth and to each other.

Blessed be.

Aztec Birth Goddess:Wall Mural by Sue Raven (collaboration with Jennifer Boire Birth Poem)

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