Friday, 20 May 2011

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Eric Frances of Planet Waves says we are at a "wrenching, dangerous, and potentially potent time of history."

As powerful planets such as Saturn, Uranus and Pluto continue to mark their territories in an massive astrological standoff... the resulting chaos and tension reflected in world events seem to escalate every day.

The question is... are we merely passive recipients of a seemingly uncaring and impersonal universe, or do we have a choice in what is happenning in our lives?

Despite how it may appear...Astrology is not about a predetermined's about knowing what are our strengths and what are our challenges. Though it may seem like some people have it easier than others, it's all about what we do with what we've got.

"Often "luck" is a product of our attentiveness, preparedness, and willingness. We can turn difficulty into triumph, uncertainty into character strengths, and ignorance into wisdom. Who is to say that something that seems to be "bad luck" isn't the perfect opportunity to change our lives to the good forever?"
                                                                                      Robert Wilkenson, Aqaurius Papers

Wilkenson goes on to talk about karma with a big "K" and a little "k". He says there are major Karmic lessons written into our charts...then there are the day to day patterns that we get caught in that have more immediate consquences. Both work together to seemingly seal our "fate". Or do they?

Do these orbs of matter moving in our shared universe really have an influence on us here on planet earth? Do we truly have any idea what any of it really means?

Whatever the answer to the above....I do believe the archetypal energies associated with the planets are mirrors of facets of the human psyche that can show us much about ourselves.

Their movement through our charts (and our skies) can be read as indicators of both our personal karma, and our collective destiny. As above so below.
 A good question these days is... what is the karma of this planet as it teeters on the brink of darkness and light? What will become of us and our planet? Is this some ancient karma manifesting or do we have any choice in how the story ends?

Willkenson expresses his own persepctive on karma:

"Many take the attitude that because it's karma, we have little or no control over what manifests or not. This of course is an illusion. While we cannot do much about causes set into motion in the past, whether by ours or another's actions or inactions, or merely by circumstances, we can always transmute the energies in the NOW."

Speaking of now...the group of planets curently travelling close together (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) are now lining up in Taurus. We have gone from the firey impatience and creativity of Aries to the powerfull earthbound force of the bull. Earth signs are about manifestation....bringing our ideas and ideals down to earth...literally.

As we slow down and smell the coffee this week...our sensual appetites may momentarily distract us from the surrounding chaos of the world. Mars and Venus currently merging with Mercury in Taurus inbue our imaginations with sensual earthiness, and our desires and thoughts cwill tend to manifest in a distinctly hands on way.

Mars passion combining with Venusian love in venus ruled Taurus can rock your world. If you are inclined to enjoy the earthy delights and relish the pleasures and sensations of the human body...taste, touch, smell and sight....and the earths bounty.... remember that true passion comes from the heart. Our passion only exists because we exist.

And in the background...the world keeps on spinning and we keep on learning (or not )...

Remember the karmic rule...  "what goes around comes around"      (love the one you're with)

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