Thursday, 3 March 2011

New Moon Pisces Go with the Flow

There’s some pretty weird and wonderful energy floating around right now. Today’s New Moon begins another new cycle of energy, this time in dreamy, watery world of Pisces.

A New Moon is a Sun/Moon conjunction…the famous ‘Conjunctio’. We won’t actually see the Moon for another few days…it’s hiding behind the Sun right now (it’s also called the 'Dark of the Moon'). The combining of the two luminaries gives us a powerful blast of energy which carries us through the coming month.

Put out your wish or intention now to manifest your dreams (and not your nightmares). 

There is also a stellium (whole bunch) of planets, including Mars, and Mercury (and of course the Sun), exaggerating and amplifying the Piscean influence.

Pisces dissolves what appears solid and pulls us down into our deepest longing (and strangest fantasies). Virgos, Geminis and Sagittarians may feel this strongly, though any planets in these signs (in your chart) can be set off by this stellium. Chiron’s presence in the group, brings a deep vulnerability to the surface.

Mars’ fiery action is very muted here and Mercury’s’ need to communicate will feel veiled…or blocked. Elsa ( side bar)  warns of the  “foggy, ethereal angst”  arising from the combination of these rather disparate energies.

The trick is to find some form of Piscean expression to our need to act or communicate. Pisces brings us into the realms of the creative unconscious… so all forms of creativity will be enhanced by this New Moon. Let your inner artist/musician/poet out. Give your urge to escape  positive expression (I will be out drumming to the rhythm of the Moon). 

And, remember, all this watery fluid stuff is hanging out over the  backdrop of the increasing tension and uncertainty of the Uranus Pluto square, with Jupiter Squaring Pluto pushing things to extremes.

Pisces opens the way for compassion and empathy. Reach out to others or let someone reach out to you.  Boundaries won’t be as clear under this influence, so make sure you give from your strength and not just your need to be needed… (Pisces can be a bit of a rescuer and saviour of lost causes)

All in all, the tendency for everyone to feel highly sensitized in this ‘intangible intensification’ of experience may make some of us feel we are tiptoeing a thin line between madness and bliss.  My advice: let go of expectations, trust your instincts and ... learn to swim.


  1. Great stuff! Makes sense. Thanks

  2. Your article was featured in my Moon Mandala blog and inspired this months Free New Moon Mandala..

    Thanks Aurum Astrology!!

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