Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Solar Eclipse. New Moon. Make a Wish. Find the Gold.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus (for the last time) in Pisces brings us surprises, awakenings, sudden windfalls, new discoveries. Think expansion, joy, good luck combined with flashes of electric energy. Many are predicting some big scientific breakthrough …especially when these two move back into Aries.

 What a way to start the New Year!!

Today’s Solar Eclipse is so close to this Uranus Jupiter meeting point  as to appear to be happening simultaneously (few hours apart)

 Eclipses set a new energy field...New Moons do the same…and  combining both these energies with the Jupiter /Uranus conjunction means we have HUGE power for creating  intention. This is an awesome moment for seeing the outer manifest from the inner (as within so without). 

What do you want to create in your life?

The Conjunction in Pisces brings an emphasis.... from this moment in time,...which will reverberate into the future. Pisces is about the ineffable, the undefinable…the infinite.  The depths of the psyche is ruled by Pisces as well as about what is called the soul.  Pisces also brings us into our fantasies, dreams, wishes, illusions. 

The Solar eclipse being in Capricorn, where Pluto is already having a profound impact, also emhasises the ongoing restructuring of our world systems, governments, financial systems, structures, rules, institutions.

And as I said yesterday, Pluto in Capricorn also shakes up our personal  internal systems and patterns, our internalized rules, (what the Freudians would call the ID) father and authority figures, how we drive ourselves, work too much, strive and strive (yet never measure up), how we stoically do what we do without questioning any of it. Our addiction to external stuff. Our relationship to the machine. Our own internal machinery. 

Well…there is now a cog in the machine. With Pluto's powerful influence it is all breaking down. 
We can’t maintain these false systems, these false authorities...false gods....either inside or outside. Today’s eclipse and conjunction will open a portal to our soul to see out of the box. It's a wake up call to our higher self.

So we may find ourselves undergoing a rearranging of priorities (or they may be rearranging even  without us) How that will happen for you will depend n your existing habits and patterns(show by your personal chart.) What do you give authority to in your life? What is your relation to the outer world. Are you the Master of your own ship?

This awakening in Pisces brings in such a deep spiritual longing that we will start to look for the deeper meaning of life and question how we can start to live more in accord with that. This is helped along by the breakdown of the material world around us.  The false god of materialism can now give way to another source of power which requires no label (and wont get one in the boundry-less world of Pisces)  In Pisces we feel. We perceive. This is a chance to awaken to who we really are.  Find the god within.   Follow Your Bliss.

              Everthing you are looking for is inside of you.       

                                                         Prem Rawat

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