Saturday, 29 January 2011

New Moon coming up... Groundhogs Beware!!

New Moon in Aquarius  Wednesday Feb 2   (Ground Hog Day!!)

I am a bit ahead of myself ...for a change.... must be all this Sagittarius and Aquarius energy.

At the moment the Moon is conjunct Venus in Sagittarius and also squaring  Jupiter and Uranus ...creating an atmosphere of  freedom, independence, impatience and excitement that will be continued with the New Moon on Wed. 

Key words for Aquarius:

Thinking (and feeling) outside the box
Unusual, Eccentricity

Check and see what house the New Moon falls in, in your own chart (13 degrees Aquarius)
(This  page also contains an article bottom...about the false info floating about re 13 signs etc)

The New Moon is also hitting the Sun and Mars …increasing their combined energies and giving us all a bit of a kick. 

Mars  (warrior, masculine, desire, anger, impatience, feistiness) in Aquarius... can have a bit of a chip on its shoulder…bit defensive, bit rebellious, bit touchy re authority. This Mars is a maverick…a very independent spirit.

Good time to start something new and daring in the area of your chart it falls into.  Due to Venus relationships may take new or unexpected turns. Time for change. Just be careful you are acting from a clear place and not just reacting.

Remember Pluto is in Capricorn so our authority issues are up for transformation…time to overhaul those old paradigms.

There are two rulers of Aquarius….sort of. The old ruler (before they discovered Uranus) was Saturn, so you could say Saturn has an influence here. Saturn being in Libra will mean some of these energies may occur in our relationships.

And Venus, (ruler of Libra) exactly square to Uranus (current ruler of Aquarius) will add to the unusual atmosphere. If you have been putting up with shite…this might be the time you break away and/or walk away. Or time to try a new approach?    One way or another, change is in the air. Freedom is the key.

Uranus is known by the key words/terms above as well as a few more….such as:

electric, sudden, revolution, lightning bolt, surprise, freedom, change, disruption, intuition, flashes of insight…

Uranus is never boring.

Plus this unruly planet is currently moving towards an exact square with Pluto…this  will be bringing a revolutionary air to the world and to our lives in the next couple of years.

I am reading a series of books right now about Josephine Bonaparte  (wife of Napoleon…) by Sandra Gulland …    (highly recommended…) and it got me thinking there must have been some strong Pluto Uranus stuff going on at that time (as there also was in the 60’s)

Sure enough…just had a look and.... surprise, surprise... Uranus was opposite Pluto. Plus Uranus was in Leo (royalty, monarchy) and Pluto was in Aquarius (the public, the collective, the greater good)So a revolution instigated by the collective upset and overthrew (Uranus) the Monarchy.

Astrology is so cool.

p.s. For those of you not in North America...a groundhog is a very large hairy rodent which (in mythology) comes out of its hole in the ground on Ground Hog Day and, if it sees its shadow and goes back in....there will be 6 more weeks of winter . Or not....if it doesn't (something like that)     (get the film)

This year I am sure it will run off and do something completely radical.


  1. I've always felt that there was a strong correspondence between the 60s and the French Revolution -- your comments are interesting.

    Sandra Gulland


  2. wow Sandra Gulland posted on your blog! I read all three books years ago, and LOVED them. Your photo is the fattest groundhog I have ever seen, he couldn't even waddle out of his hole to see his shadow. You didn't finish your phrase - if he doesn't see his shadow, spring is around the corner....Apparently it's also Chinese New Year, and the cat will be more gentle than the tiger you do Chinese?

  3. I am loving your books Sandra. Finished book two and three and have just received book am going back to the beginning. I feel like I am living through the revolution. Amazing writing. I have a few questions...will contact you through your blog.

    Thanks for clarifying those important details Jenn. I've been in England too groundhogs there!

  4. p.s. In the 60's Uranus and Pluto were together (conjunct) and opposite Saturn.

    Right now Uranus is about to be squaring Pluto and has been opposite Saturn.

    Pluto = power, deep crisis, transformation, control, obsession, nuclear warfare, death. It is associated with the Shiva...Hindu god of destruction

    Saturn = authority, rules, the material world, status quo, organizations, systems, structures, duties, restrictions, obligations, karma

    Uranus = originality and drive for freedom, sudden change, shocks and upsets, revolution, rebellion, eccentric intuitive mind,

  5. Just looked again....In 1792 there was a Grand Square between Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter...would have been for a year or so...don't know exact start and finish....very similar to the Grand Square this past year. See blog date April 2010 "Preponderance of the Great"

    Eric Francis (sidebar) is/was a political journalist and Astrologer. He wrote about the Astrology of the 60's and would likely have written about other similar times in history.

    see Eric Francis, “Born in the Sixties”