Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!! 2011- Here we come...

                    "May you live in interesting times"

We enter the New Year with the same intensity that carried through the last. No folks...its not over till the fat lady sings!!  There is  more upheaval, change, breakdown and transformation to come. Hang on for the ride.

The Solar Eclipse this Tuesday at 13 degrees Capricorn heralds a New Start... yet continues the ongoing theme of transformation of the world we live in. If it falls close to a personal aspect in your own chart (Sun, Moon Ascendant etc), this will be a profound year for you.

And...there is also more Grace and universal support pouring in to help us find our way as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus exactly in Pisces and Chiron moves into Pisces Feb 8th. W e will continue to feel, even  more deeply, that pervasive longing to dive into the depths of our being...and  know who we are. Our wounds and vulnerabilities will push us to find a profound healing we never new was possible.

This eclipse sextiles my own ascendant in Scorpio, which I take as an auspicious encouragement to keep moving forward into the world.  After many years of study it's time to put it all into practice.  Wherever the eclipse lies for you, it will give you some Capricornian stability and structure, while also challenging old habits that need to go.

A Solar eclipse highlights  the inner aspects. When the Sun (ego self) is eclipsed by the Moon (emotional self), our emotional and intuitive energies come to the identification with authourity or father issues, sense of duty, overwork etc  may be coming up for examination. Let your dreams guide you is part of the Moon's message.  Becoming your own authority might be the expression of this.  Listening to the inner voice is imperative.

But if a mirror ever makes you sad
you should know that it does not know you.
- Kabir         

  (borrowed from my friend Annes Facebook profile..thanks Anne)

(to be continued...)

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  1. wise words Sue, thanks again for this.
    feeling the pull towards inner realm for sure, and it's a good place to be headed towards.