Monday, 17 January 2011

Full Moon in Cancer (get yer hankies out)

There’s a Full Moon on Wednesday in the sign of Cancer, and…yes…wait for it…it is NOT setting off the Grand Cross (being at the end rather than the beginning of Cancer) Whew!! .....though it will tip it a bit as it passes over.

The Cancer Full Moon WILL increase emotional sensitivity and our need for security and family (good time to call your mom), while a trine to Jupiter and Uranus could trigger flashes of intuition, inspiration and insight. Look where they fall in your chart to see where this might occur.

The Full Moon's opposition to the Sun  Mars conjunction in Capricorn gives some oomph to our drive to work hard and some spark to our interactions with others. Diplomacy may be needed at times, but you will get a lot done.  

And/or you may find yourself howling at the Moon.

Meanwhile, todays Mercury (communication) is conjunct Pluto (intensity, power struggles, need for control) so it’s already getting a bit testy.  Good day for exposing something or someone and for digging deep into things. Just be aware of the potential for confrontation.

With Scorpio rising and Mercury conjunct my Sun, it’s an appropriate day for me to get to work (Capricorn) and write (Mercury) about deep/important things (Pluto). Some might say Astrology isn’t deep or important, but they do not know anything more than the daily blurbs you see in newspapers.

Real astrology delves into the archetypes and patterns that govern our lives. We can use it to gain insight into our own identity and soul purpose. It's a lot more than the pithy horoscopes we see in the paper. 

Which brings me nicely to what is on my mind.   I started this blog as a kind of introduction to both Astrology and to me as an Astrologer. When someone wants a chart reading I give him or her this web address so they can get a feel for what I do.

I have always said I don’t want to get caught up in writing  day by day recipe plans for how you should spend your day….because Sun is here and Moon is there etc.

The true purpose of Astrology is for self-understanding, and while looking at transits (current sky) can help us see what influences are triggering emotions, reactions, events etc.  and I do use astrology for that (as in the beginning of this blog)… deep down I am much more interested in personal astrology: i.e. seeing how each aspect in your chart tells you something about yourself.

My dilemma … how to do both? 

My solution has been to just write here about New and Full Moons…and in  between... cover a variety of subjects. Thing is, I have found myself so caught up in the amazing Cardinal Grand Cross (see past articles) and powerful eclipses we have been having in the past year, that I have written about little else. Still, I hope to continue to add other bits as much as I can, and if you are looking for more information, I have added some links on the side of sites that give a broad range of Astrological sites. If you want to work out your own chart, go to or get in touch with me for a consultation 

p.s. All the current hype about your star sign changing is just that...hype. I will write about that soon.

                               Happy Full Moon


  1. Nice piece! I have Moon in Cancer. Should I be buying in the Kleenex or donning my wolf suit?

  2. Maybe a bit of both!!!

    (brings to mind the film 'American Werewolf in London"...have you seen it?