Thursday, 6 January 2011

Endings lead to Beginnings

I have just been reading an article about eclipses which emphasizes the way they signify endings...

While my last blog focused on the new beginnings brought by an eclipse and what we can manifest through intention, its also appropriate to take a moment to acknowledge...even mourn...whatever may be finishing in your life. At the beginning of a New Year I always do a kind of review of the last year as well as a preview of whats to come...(or what I want to come)   I often accompany this with a Tarot or I Ching reading to see symbolically what forces are at play.

My tarot for the past year contained the Death card in the position of environment...and I certainly had some huge change that is/was very much a kind of death  (had to ...quite unexpectedly.... leave where I was living/studying  for past 12 years due to work/Visa issues).  It is slowly turning into a kind of rebirth and in the end quite positive (I can say now),  but at the time I experienced much grief and resistance. So the death card was quite appropriate...and I assumed was related to this passing away of a part of my life.

Meanwhile, during the recent Lunar eclipse at the Solstice, I suddenly was filled with the presence of a friend and lover from my past ...who had disappeared from the horizon. I was inspired to send him my love in an email, which was responded to my an equally heartfelt expression of affection. It was a special moment and felt like a completion to all we had gone through.

But then I admit, I began to panic a bit when I received another equally gushy message.... as I really didn't want to return to that matter how romantically I was now waxing.  It had also been a bit of an ordeal....and I was glad it was finally over.

So... right as the Moon moved between Pluto and Mars and eclipsed the Sun (...ayaiyai!...) I sent him an email which put him in his place and did so with such aggression in it (re issues I had with his past behaviour) that the result was his very angry, hurt and cut off dismissal. So much for our sweet reunion.

The shock of the whole exchange left me a bit down for a few days. I much preferred the lovely sweet moment of the Lunar eclipse. But now, having read about the endings brought about by eclipses, combined with knowing the Mars and Pluto influence, (plus Mars moving opposite my Sun ...more feisty energy) I suspect there may have been no other way to finish.  My personal Mars in in Pisces, and I tend to put up with a LOT) 

So I see that it was a perfect manifestation of the celestial climate, and though painful, I spoke the truth (Mercury Sagittarius) and got a result.  I guess the portal opened up for me (between the eclipses) to finish some old business. out for the shadow side of the eclipse. We will feel its effects for some time to come. If you find something in your life moving out of existence, it may be for the best. Let yourself grieve its loss , then enjoy the new energy being brought forward. Perhaps it's time for something completely different.

                  When a door closes, a window opens.


  1. Wow, I absolutely know what you mean... In the last few days, my daily tarot cards have consisted of the Death card (transformation), The World (completion), and The Tower (change and impressionable endings). I've felt this feeling that a big completion is setting in for me to make way for the new.

    This really resonated with me...

    Thanks for sharing :)