Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Blessing. Chiron Neptune Jupiter

Moving right along into 2010.
Well it’s been a while. I hope to eventually have a regular weekly routine for writing this… but routine is not what’s happening in my life right now. Things are a bit topsy - turvy.

Everything works in cycles in the universe…right now there's a cycle of shedding the old to make way for the new; personally and globally. A lot of upheaval happening.

In other words: Saturn and Pluto squared.

To recap briefly: right now Pluto is pushing hard against Saturn… and all things ruled by Saturn are under immense pressure (structures, systems, authority). Saturn’s tendency is to resist change…Pluto (the destroyer) keeps pushing. Hmmmm.

Structures are tumbling, systems are breaking down.

(see Dec 13th and 16th blog articles for more info)

Luckily that isn’t the only thing happening in the sky. There are three other planets hanging out very close together (conjunct) that are bringing blessings and healing. They are Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron and they can shed some positive healing energy on our weary planet.

An alignment of planets is not merely something specific happening on the exact day; it creates an influence that colours the year following when the Conjunction occurs. The first time they met up was in May 09 and the last was in late their energies will be with us all this year. It has been said that these three planets together are bringing a great blessing to us at a time when we sorely need it.

Chiron (ok  not a planet but considered to have some impact as a heavenly body) ... represents our vulnerability; where we feel deeply wounded and exposed or perhaps feel like an outsider. It’s something we may trip over again and again and in so doing learn and grow and become a bit wiser. We then become healers for others in that very area. It’s thus called the Wounded Healer. Deep compassion, deep healing comes from there.

Neptune is the god of the sea and represents  the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of our being. It rules the unconscious; our dreams and fantasies, our creative urges, our desire to merge with another or with the divine; it's a longing to totally to lose ourselves into the ineffable, non-material worlds … those things our ego cannot contain or control.

As Neptune dissolves or blurs the boundaries of whatever it touches, it can bring much disappointment when fantasies fail to become reality. Drug addiction, deceptions and illegal activities are destructive manifestations of this energy and meditation, art and music are positive ones. It also brings deep compassion for others' suffering.

Jupiter is the largest planet and rules our expansive and joyful selves. It broadens us through learning or travel or by connecting to new cultures…(or also through eating!).  Jupiter brings good luck and generosity and amplifies everything it the guru, the teacher...and in excess can be the know-it-all. In generally Jupiter is seen as benevolent, generous, wise. Put together with Chiron vulnerability and healing of wounds, and Neptune's deep compassion and connection to divine love and something special begins to take place. The sense of blessing begins to take hold.

They sit together right now in Aquarius…the sign of humanity, of the collective. (This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius) So: a blessing for humanity in some form arising out of pain and suffering. Out of a collective wound? Or a personal wound felt by the collective? A call for compassion and generosity (and love) to help alleviate others suffering. Hmmmm.

It seems the Haiti earthquake is a clear expression of both the Pluto Saturn square and this Triple Conjunction. The earth quake and toppled buildings (Pluto, Saturn) and lives have inspired a tremendous outpouring of collective aid and compassion (Jupiter, Neptune) The suffering and vulnerability (Chiron) of this extremely poor nation has inspired a massive effort (Jupiter)and will do so for some time to come. There have been quite a few of these situations requiring global aid in the last few years…and no doubt will be more... yet the presence of these planets together means we can learn something in particular or perhaps develop our awareness on a deeper level.

Maybe the blessing they bring is in our renewed sense of our vulnerability and thus our humanity, as well as the awareness of our collective responsibility to help our fellow human beings. That we are all connected and are responsible for each other and for this planet. This is the Message of the Aquarian Age.   It’s a painful lesson right now to see so much suffering...yet by evoking compassion (Neptune) it starts us moving toward a more unified effort on behalf of others(Aquarius). Yet we can't help others from a place of lack.  It takes generosity  (Jupiter) and Love (Neptune). We need to heal ourselves, heal each other and heal the planet (Chiron). It’s a tall order but Jupiter says we can do it. As within so without. And these planets being together where they are says a quantum shift may be happening and we may be able to take a step closer to that ideal.

One can see, based on this simple yet poignant example, how symbols in astrology can give us insight into both personal and global events. This area of global analysis is not my particular forte as I usually work with individual charts and personality analysis.  Its interesting to see  how the current sky can reflect events in one's personal life.

To understand how the transiting planets affect us individually, we  look to see if they are hitting key positions in our own chart.

(to get your own chart go to ... you can sign up for free and they have a variety of tools to help you learn about your chart).  ( to be continued...)


  1. Hi Sue, a very positive post with lots of good juicy info - your story is a perfect example of how the timing has to be right before chane can occur, and it's hard to predict how it will manifest.
    my only thoughts are that lengthy posts are hard to get to the bottom of....

  2. Yes I know...its way too long. It'll be easier to keep it short when I am blogging on a more regular basis. Thanks for feedback.