Friday, 12 February 2010

Everything Changes

Nothing more uncertain than uncertainties;
Fortune is full of fresh variety:
Constant in nothing but inconsistency.

                                    Richard Barnfield,  The Sheperd's Content

"Know Thyself "  
                                    oracle at Delphi

One of the reasons I started this blog was/is to create a way for people coming to me for a reading to get a feeling of how I work,  as well as as an introduction to Astrological concepts.  As I have already expressed...most people are exposed to Astrology  through the the daily or weekly  columns in newspapers and magazines, which,  though they are perhaps entertaining,  do not give you an accurate idea of what astrology is about. 

(If you go back to the beginning of this blog you can read a bit more on this.)

 Astrology  has its own language and mythology which I find interesting and useful to know... and yet can be alienating to those less familiar with the lingo.  Sometimes it can all can get very heady and  conceptual and thejargon itself can be a bit off-putting.  As a Cancerian,  I am very emotionally based, and though I do have Mercury conjunct my Sun (and thus a highly active intellect), I must always come back to feelings and direct experience.

In one to one sessions,  I sometimes also use Chirology; a  form of hand/palm reading; which is more grounded in the physical (see Johhny Fincham Palmistry Website on sidebar).  Seeing the patterns of the  personal chart reflected very clearly in someone's hand can be  very helpful and affirm that I am on the right track.   Astrology allows me to broaden the description of what I may see in the they work well..hand in hand :)  Having said that, even on its own, Astrology contains within it such a rich and ancient wisdom and insight into human nature that it continually surprises and inspires me to know more. 

One big  danger in the application of any  kind of predictive art is the tendency to try to control events through pre-knowledge of the influences coming.  As you can see in my recent  story (see previous article), astrology can indicate specific influences and describe a coming event through transits ( planets in current sky passing key points in chart), yet how and why we respond and react is based on our  own tendencies and attitudes etc. Perhaps prepare is a better word than control as to  how we can use transits. And how we prepare depends on our own makeup.

That is why I prefer to focus on the personal birth chart, which describes the  patterns and tendencies  of our personal psychology.  These are what make us  unique human beings; how we are, how we act, how we interact. Understanding your natal chart will  give you a strong indication of what any current influence might trigger off.

Pluto transits for example, will have more impact for someone with a Scorpio Sun Sign or Scorpio  rising or Moon, or anyone with a strong Pluto  in their chart etc (Pluto is said to 'rule' Scorpio).  Then, if the transiting planet hits specific points (where other planets are placed for example) we can get a more exact idea of how it may impact us (such as the Triple Conjunction on my IC).   I believe self knowledge, and self understanding are keys to personal happiness and effectiveness in life, and the birth chart reading can be a useful method of developing  this.

With Sun in the 9th house and a Sagittarius Moon conjunct ( close to) North Node in my first house,  teaching and learning are key aspects of my own personal expression.   I therefore see this site as a teaching and networking tool, as well as a vehicle for my own personal expression.   Over time there will be more and more information and links to help you develop and deepen your own understanding...if you so wish.  If you like anything here or have any questions please leave a comment.

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