Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Change,Expansion Healing

Neptune,Jupiter, Chiron cont'd:

 I noticed some time last year that the  conjunction of  Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron was  going to be sitting exactly on my IC. This is the bottom or ROOT of the birth chart and is about the home and belonging. When a planet crosses the IC you can usually expect a move or something affecting your home; the specifics depending on the planets involved.When there are three powerful ones there together you know something big is up.

I have been living in England for quite a few years and have moved about quite a bit. I saw this transit as a positive potential for something coming together, finally, to make me feel more stable and rooted. Jupiter on the IC means good luck, expansion and/or improvement on the home front: (my sister rebuilt and moved into her dream home with a similar transit on her IC the year before me; she had Neptune with Jupiter there as well).  I thought:   "Great...  Neptune means our ideal...my dream home is a little cottage in the Norfolk countryside." (ha)(Neptune also rules fantasies...)

With Chiron added to my own I was well aware of my own vulnerability re finding a stable home; after so many years of traveling it’s all been getting a bit much and  I really have been feeling a strong need to stabilize/ground/root.

Knowing of the potential Blessing associated with the triple conjunction gave me a sense of anticipation, and a hand reading from local palmist Johnny Fincham (who I highly recommend- see sidebar) confirmed that I was going to have a significant move. I did then move into a wonderful place this September, and wondered if that was it?  Yet I kept getting this unsettled feeling: it didn’t feel permanent;  I just couldn’t quite land. And my usual exuberance re England has been very muted; have felt very detached; almost bored. That is highly unusual as I have been totally in love with England…for years and years. Yet I have remained rather distanced all autumn…ever since I returned from the summer in Canada. 

Meanwhile, I have been  finishing a Teaching course here in the UK and discovered that I had to re-apply for a Visa extension when I returned. I was misinformed (Neptune) three times by Home office staff and thought for a while that I would not be able to stay. It was very stressful after having just moved and though it did eventually get sorted it increased the feeling of uncertainty that has been growing all year. Yet I just had to stay focused on my teaching and put everything else out of my mind.

Then, I was out with a friend this New Year’s Eve. I knew it was a Full Moon in my own sign and a Blue Moon as well...(twice in one month)  so aware of a heightened sense of...something.  I remember saying I felt some kind of big change was upon me and I didn’t know exactly what it might be. I figured it was about my finally becoming an Art Teacher after all these years… and ..settling down a bit and being rooted in one spot. I had just figured the nice place I was now  in was the blessing.  In my forecast... re Neptune on IC/Root/Home... Robert Hand at Astrodienst (Astro.com)  pointed out that this position means its also opposite the top of the chart…the MC… which governs career. Neptune is about dissolving what seems solid. Here I was working toward my career and he said career stuff would suddenly be disappearing. I remember thinking  “no its not - I am just about to start - it's all coming together...that cant be right....why would it disappear?”  (ha)  And anyway I had this blessing happening so everything would be ok.

Then on January 1st I got an email informing me that I could not get the next Visa I needed. I had previously been told it was ok (Neptune again). Wow.  Total surprise. All my plans just dissolved in that moment: my career here and my home as well.  I am now suddenly heading back to Canada. It is big...  only I didn't understand how big.   It’s taken me all month to get over the shock…one reason I haven’t been back on this blog. I have had so much to think about…amongst other things…plus a whole life here to let go of.

So…a perfect example of how you can never predict the future and even if you can see indications, it will never be exactly as you expected. Having said that, I do believe I have been able to process it all a bit better because I saw(and felt)  that something big was up. I do think that made things easier  because I was prepared on some level. So I am not saying don’t look. Just don’t assume. Anything.

And… BTW… Jupiter’s positive energy has me feeling like it really is a blessing in disguise. In fact, because the triple conjunction is so auspicious I truly  believe its gonna be for the best...despite the shock it has been.   My family on Canada are overjoyed that I am returning home and though I am sad to leave England I am excited to be back closer to them all.

So, just a few examples of how the planets in the sky can be powerful metaphors for the changes and events in our lives. And in our psyches. It's been an intense few months. And with so much going on externally I have spent a lot of time  here on transits (current planets in sky) when actually what I am really interested in is the personal chart and what it tells us about our psychology. I have been responding to current events and as it’s been the transition from one year to next, perhaps that has been appropriate. Yet  perhaps now I can get back to the inner world of the personality.  Stay tuned.  

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P.S. ANOTHER ARTICLE: There is a great 3-part article on the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction at this website: http://www.northpointastrology.com/articles.html

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