Tuesday, 1 December 2009

When most people think of Astrology , they think of the weekly columns they see in the newspaper. "You will find a new friend today". " This is not a good day to spend money"...etc etc. And they write the whole thing off as superstitious, silly, superfluous. What I tell people is that is not Astrology in its true sense. That's just a bit of fun. Of course there is no way every Sagittarius will have the same kind of day. Or Taurus.Or anyone born on any particular day.

What Astrology really is ...is a system or language used to explain and describe patterns that run through our personalities and our lives. It gives us a tool to explain the variety of experience and tendencies of character that makes each of us unique. There are many systems out there which attempt to do this...and many are very useful and helpful tools for self knowledge. The psychologist Carl Jung's Personality Types is an example...many businesses use this method for hiring and working with their staff. Jung himself studied Astrology and found it a fascinating and accurate tool for self analysis. Any tool that enables us to grasp some of the innate tendencies we have is going to improve our self understanding and give us a better chance for success in life. Its also helpful to discover that each of us has a different blueprint for success and what works for you doesn't necessarily work for me.

This blog will be an ongoing exploration of what Astrology is and does and why. It will also be an outlet for my own exploration of Astrological themes in my own life. I am not an expert... always a student. When I look at a person's Astrology chart and see some patterns and speak to them about it. I cannot and will not predict their future. Wouldn't dream of it. Your future is what you make it. What I can do is offer some tools for self understanding... (hard won by the way) and the ability to see the patterns a person is running, show some issues that stand out, point out some strengths and weaknesses. And through that process we can have fun seeing how amazing and profound life can be. And also how ordinary. All of it and none of it.

I will also look at what each planet represents, explore why they are given these attributes, and go into the history of Astrology. It's an interesting and surprising subject. Having said that, there are many very informative sites out there, so rather than repeat it all, I will provide links to them. This blog is really to be an ongoing expression and discussion of life themes...and I hope you will join in. Next blog : Pluto square Saturn...are you feeling between a rock and a hard place?


  1. dear Sue
    great idea for a blog, and I love that you use the gold image from your art project. will be a regular read for me, thanks