Sunday, 13 December 2009

I am starting off the discussion of Pluto and Saturn squared in the sky with an excellent bit from another astrological blog to introduce you to Pluto:


"The biggest mark Pluto in Sagittarius has left on me is a deep understanding of authentic power. See, Pluto rules the things we give power to, so for most people that's our fears. We give our power over to our fears, because we think this is what will make us invincible to hurt. Then our fears become masks and roles we take on in order to protect and hide the part of ourselves that is most vulnerable to being hurt. These masks and roles can be of great service at times when dealing with day to day stuff. They can also be enormous fun. The problem is when we become too identified with them, especially during, oh, we'll say, a Pluto transit to your ascendant. What Pluto then does is rips off the masks and starts poking you where it hurts the most just because he can. At least until it slowly dawns on you that being vulnerable is not something to protect or hide. At least until your realize there is no such thing as more or less power, or power over, or power sunnyside up. You're either owning your power or giving it away to something outside of you. You're either being your real self or a fake someone else.

I could go on endlessly trying to describe my hard to put into words Plutonian transformation, but basically, I feel like I should be wearing a shirt that says, "Pluto destroyed my ego and he is too a planet."

I will be back tomorrow to add to this discussion...this is just to get things started.

till then

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