Friday, 22 July 2016

Sensitive souls in a world gone mad

The Moon in Pisces this weekend brings much sensitivity and subtly of feeling so some of us will want to retreat for a while from the mayhem and madness of this world. If you are feeling a strong urge to encapsulate yourself in your own bubble, believe me you are not alone.

On the other hand, the Sun and Venus together in Leo create a lively,  playful atmosphere. Our hearts are open (and our pockets could be as well). Leo generousity and largesse, combined with Pisces' empathy and lack of  boundaries, means more than a few might overspend this weekend. Comfort shopping at its best! 

This not an easy time for empathetic souls. So much violence, upheaval and confusion are shaking the very foundations of what we call reality. We are all a bit world weary right now, and many are seeking a break from the battle.

If you are feeling the Moon with Neptune in Pisces, you will enjoy some time out for introspection and reflection. Under this Moon our souls are longing to connect to our spiritual nature and creative imagination is highly stimulated. This can result in some great art, poetry or music if you let your inner  muse come out to play.

Leo Sun/Venus wants to give everyone a big hug and reminds us to share the love.

Whether you respond to the more inwardPisces  Moon or the gregarious Leo Sun, make sure you replenish your soul in whatever way serves your need to feel joy. 

And, at least for the weekend, try and see the glass half full ... so you can enjoy the party!

You know you want to! 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

If not us, who? ... Full Moon in Capricorn: Stepping up:

Capricorn is the father. Cancer is the Mother.
Sun in Cancer deals with home, family, emotions, our inner self.
Moon in Capricorn deals with career, duty and responsibilities, our outer self.

The Full Moon shines the spotlight on the need for a balance and harmony between yin and yang,  inner and outer.

Since the New Moon in Cancer in early July,  many have felt a  strong need for emotional safety and nurturing  which may  have been shaken, threatened or challenged in some way.  In the last few posts we have been looking at this tumultuous and unnerving time of strange upheavals and unexpected events; obsessive/ compulsive behaviour, tense encounters and/or outright violence.

There is now a possibility to breakthrough whatever has been in-your-face lately. The energies are still tense but there is a shift that brings new possibilities.

 I have been describing an energy portal that has been open for a while  (Jupiter and Neptune on Nodes of the Moon) that has had the ability  transport and transform us in unimaginable ways. Some have chosen this avenue to merely check out and escape, the better choice is to tap into the  cosmic source energy, which lies inside of us (Neptune) Inner peace may be the one constant in this constantly changing (and challenging) world.  I am not taking about escaping into a bubble of bliss (nice though that can be) More like anchor yourself to that inner core as a buffer from the raging storms. And a reality check: This too shall pass.

Meanwhile, the Capricorn Full Moon is asking us to step up and deal with whatever is in front of us. That doesn't mean we have to take it all on. Don't be a martyr. The focus on responsibility and 'consciously directed will' basically means we will have to pay attention.

Uranus (the Awakener) is stirring things up,  as well as offering a new vision of the life we can create.  Beware of knee jerk reactions. Steady as she goes....

The ruler of Capricorn, and thus this  Full Moon,  is Saturn. It's placement in Sagittarius wants us to examine the stories we live by. Are you seeing the big picture or getting caiught up in the detail and drama. Both require our attention but it is too easy to not see the forest for the trees. Sagittarius links us to our highest purpose. Now's the time to tune into that i.e.  don't sweat the small stuff!

Planets in Cancer have pointed to the roots of our discontent...i.e. childhood or family conditioning. They say that the first five years of life set the patterns we repeat over and over. Did you buy into the family dogma? Guilt? Fear? Were you loved? Did you feel loved? Did you feel valued?

Are you ready to take responsibility for doing that for yourself? 

Part of the message is:  it's time we grew ourselves up and stop living in the past. Yet to do that we need to heal those inner fractures. Honour those cracks... they are where the light gets in. There is so much healing energy available to release and heal those old wounds and dysfunctional emotions  so we can be the best that we can be.

And there could never be a better time.

Each of us has to find our own centre,  and our own way of both turning in and stepping up. Be careful not to judge others (Saturn). This is  going to look different for each person (Uranus). Just know that despite appearances, this craziness can lead to a flowering (Jupiter). Ok there is some pruning required (Pluto).

Shake ups are not easy. That is why is is so imperative that we stay the course and keep our minds and hearts clear.

Mars is key in all the current astrology. We are dealing with issues  around  aggression vs assertion,    obsession vs Desire, Lust vs Love. Action vs reaction.

Its very important to find a (positive)  outlet for any build up of tension.

As Capricorn initiates us into the material, concrete world, it wants us to 'get er done'. Yet without emotional balance and nurturing  it is all for nought. 'You cant take it with you. '

As you step up... Find the middle. Find your heart. Practice peace. Then...  do what you gotta do!

You know you want to.

One last thing: Venus and Mercury are conjoined in Leo now: Don't forget to Shower the people you love with LOVE!     Tell them the way that you feel...

Sing it to me James...  :)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Facing the dragon...

One week after the New Moon in Cancer (called the first quarter) we continue to experience conflict,  upheaval and change, with the added possibility (and blessing) of reconciliation via forgiveness, love and healing.

The world seems all topsy-turvy, bringing trauma and tears, excitement and confusion as we veer between blockage and breakthrough (Saturn /Jupiter) expansion and contraction(Saturn/Neptune). These are not easy times...   and it is increasingly difficult to ignore the craziness going on around us.

Many many years ago I used to hear about a coming time when the world would go through an immense death and rebirth process, and there were warnings that it was going to get very, very difficult before it gets better; the 'darkest before the dawn' kind of thing. I used to actually relish that possibility,  even forty years ago it was obvious  the 'world' was in need of a a make over.  Be careful what you wish for!

Now that we are 'in it',  I do not feel so cavalier or smug. These changes are hitting everyone, as the personal really does  become the political and vice versa. Yes you can shut your tv off and refuse to listen to the news (not necessarily a bad idea),  but the unsettling energies  still ripple out into the world and people around us. And of course it is a sign of the privilege of the western world that we can even consider 'turning it off'. I'm not sure a person living in Syria can quite do that.

In terms of 'news', we know the  media manipulates and distorts the facts of what is going on, yet the urge to stick our head in the sand is not going to work either. This is a huge wake up call for planet earth and we are all part of it. Unfortunately, it always seems to take  crisis and trauma to get us to change.  To actually be consciously a part of positive change takes a lot of awareness. It is too easy to become negative or paranoid ...  Are the monsters in the closet real,  or just a figment of our imagination?

What I find so fascinating is how these critical junctures are so clearly marked by planetary occurrences. Don't ask me to explain how that works,  but I see it again and again.

I am reading a book right now about the Italian Renaissance, where after centuries of war, violence,  corruption and political manipulations etc in the Italian City States (think Borgias etc), suddenly there was an amazing flowering of human creativity via art, philosophy,  architecture etc. Although of course there were many factors leading up to that point,  I was still curious to see if there was an astrological trigger for the seemingly sudden shift. Sure enough, Uranus and Pluto figure prominently at that time.

This is not the first time I have checked into the background astrology of a particular era. While readings a novel based on the journals of Josephine Bonaparte,  I discovered that the French revolution also was again marked by Pluto and Uranus (revolution and change),  and that led me to  find them again in the cultural revolution of the Sixties.

I have often heard people say that the Sixties came to nothing, that nothing changed, but I do not agree. Something was started then, it was a seed time with Pluto Uranus conjunct,  and now we have  entered the second phase of the revolution. 

Although the  Pluto Uranus effect is  slowly waning, we are still in the ripple effect,  and whenever planets cross over and activate those trigger points,  we experience a re-amplification of  the revolutionary energy they began.   It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

Ok that is a strange metaphor, but you get the idea!

So how does this affect my personal life  you are asking...?

Enter Moon in Libra tomorrow, combined with several planets slowly moving through the sign of Cancer, triggering an emotional revolution and  keeping the  spirit of change alive! 

With a focus on our need for emotional security and safety, we may come up against whatever it is that stops us from feeling secure.  If there is something stuck or stagnant in your life, if you need an emotional reboot, now is the time to do it. AS the abundance of water energy (grand trine) brings our deepest feelings up to the surface, there is nowhere to go but...  into the water!

Although this may feel like a sink or swim moment, there are many positive factors working in our favour, including Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces. This aspect may be testing our faith,  but it can also brings waves of emotional  healing, once we have done the required purging (Pluto).

Emotional purging you say!!? WTF!?

Saturn's presence tells us we must 'do the work';  take time examine our childhood conditioning and inherited beliefs systems (nice girls don't... )etc. The is a lot of pressure to find a way to be more true to ourselves,  so we can truly walk our talk.  Jupiter on the North Node is calling us to expand beyond our  perceived limitations, while  Neptune in Pisces opposite is amping up the pull toward  unity consciousness. The 'urge to merge' is strong right now,  but with what? Or who?

Saturn reminds us that no fluffly feel good optimism (or escapism) will work if we are not grounded in the pragmatism of day to day reality...

i.e. 'Trust in Allah but tether your camel'

It's very important now to take responsibility for your own emotional 'stuff', rather that merely projecting it onto others. And at the same time,  the reminder that we are all in this together (Moon in Libra)

I have spoken before about how Jupiter sitting on the North Node of the Moon (destiny point) promises some very positive and profound ripple effects,  even if we cant see it just yet. If you find yourself standing at the edge of a precipice, know that there are forces of light at work to help you move into a more positive alignment with who you are meant to be.

For now:   Honour your feelings.  FEEL your feelings!  Make peace with your inner child. Release the past. Let it go.   As you make peace with yourself, then do the same with your family, and with your neighbour.

You know you want to!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Emotions Anonymous! New Moon in Cancer

 "And the seasons they go round and round
and the painted ponies go up and down
We're cast upon the carousel of time
We cant return, we can only look behind from where we came
And go round and round and round in the circle game...."

Joni Mitchel

Or not.

There is change in the air and we must expect the unexpected.  We really and truly  have entered a new era, but its only just begun (I feel another song coming on).  It feels like many things are possible,  yet illusions and delusions and upsets are also  draining our energy. We need to stay on track but the rules keep changing and the road signs keeps disappearing...  then reappearing somewhere completely unexpected 

One thing is for sure, extreme change is in the air and no one really knows how the story ends (did they ever?). At least you can't say its been boring!  

We started the astrological year with an Aries New Moon/eclipse that catapulted us into a new wave of accelerated change and upheaval that began with Uranus and Pluto several years ago. It's hard to feel steady in these shifting sands.  Eclipses bring endings, and change, and because it was right on the Equinox/Aries point, the effects are hitting us globally as well as personally. There will  be new beginnings, somewhere down the line (perhaps at the next eclipse equinox in September but meanwhile we will have to be patient,  and steadfast,  and have a little faith. 

The question is, faith in what? or in Who? 
 That is the million dollar question, and thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius, we are all asking it. 

We could wait until Saturn turns direct at the end of the summer to get some clear answers. Or, we could tune into our deeper intuitive knowing self, via Neptune, who says the answers lie within. This world is forever changing, and the only true stability is to connect to the eternal now (or something like that) 

"The town may change, 
the people may change, 
The well remains the same.
Drink from the well."        #48, I Ching,

Meanwhile,  this New Moon can bring some temporary  relief in the form of a cleansing balm of deep feeling that can help heal our inner wounds. The danger is that when under stress we tend to numb out. This is a good time to take time and tune into your emotional body.

The sign of Cancer sits at the root of the zodiac and relates to our emotional nature. It rules our home our families, our childhoods, our past; anything to do with our feeling self.  The Moon in its own sign is at its  most emotional and sensitive and most vulnerable. It is also very much at home.

This is the time of year people go visit their family and will get the emotional nurturing they need through touching base with their roots. This is a good time to let people know how much you care. 

 The need for emotional safety has never felt so heightened, and a Grand Trine in water signs including Chiron (wounded healer) brings the possibility of deep emotional healing.

This New Moon could be a chance for an emotional breakthrough, via communicating (Mercury) our  needs (Cancer) in an honest and open manner. In this climate of caring there is a much greater chance of getting our needs met, although unfortunately, there are no guarantees.

 Pluto opposite the New Moon is not going to let us take anything for granted.  Relationships of all kinds (including political ones) that are teetering on the edge could get a final push from  Pluto.  Some connections or situations could come to an end under this influence, or undergo some kind of necessary pruning.  Pluto can trigger obsessive compulsive tendencies (i.s. refusal to let go) , control issues, jealousy, etc. Not saying that is going to happen but something to watch out for.

 There is a blessing in all this.  Letting go makes room for so much more.  If you love someone, set them free....  (lalala)    

Sun/ Moon/Venus/Mercury will help us express ourselves with gentleness and care to ease us  through otherwise touchy situations.  Lets all go easy on each other. Many  could use a great big hug just about now.


Just kidding!

As scary as things may feel Jupiter on the North Node says something good is going to come out of all the changes. In fact, both Neptune and Jupiter on the Moon's nodes (destiny points) guarantee that as that one door closes, many  windows will open!
There still a lot of crazy out there, and it's not changing anytime soon. So we gotta take every chance we can get to tune into the LOVE.  Take this moment to nurture yourself and those you care about. Hey, how bout even those you don't care about. Don't worry,  you don't have to go around hugging strangers (unless you want to). Just open your heart and people will feel it.

As we let our own light shine we give others permission to do the same.  Set your intention and let it be so.

You know you want to!