Saturday, 23 April 2016

Diffuclty at the beginning.

Post Full Moon we are still deep diving. This a time of profound spiritual and emotional growth. Something is being changed or transformed.  Endings and new beginnings abound. Survival fears arise. Will I make it? Can I do it?  Was I just dreaming? Is this possible?

Our special destiny is calling (Uranus in Aries, Jupiter North Node). We know it, we feel it.

We sense that we may need to break away from the pack to manifest our dream (Eris Uranus Aries).  That's a bit scary, but we persevere. We are impatient to get there, (Aries) yet we  find ourselves  resisting the work required (Saturn in Sagittarius), causing us to feel stymied, blocked.  Yet , despite our misgivings, we know deep down that unimaginable change is occurring/has occurred, though it may be still under the surface waiting to manifest. Shocks and upsets make us  pay attention. Suddenly, or unexpectedly, there is a slowing down, or a complete change of direction (Mars Retrograde).

This throws us back on ourselves as we are forced to reexamine our plans and our vision.  Doubts arise as to what we are doing and what we believe in (Saturn in Sagittarius) . Are we there yet?

As we revisit our plans, questions appear.  There are discrepancies. Disillusionment
. Our core beliefs and assumptions come under fire. Distrust arises. (Neptune square Mars and Saturn)

We discover what works for you doesn't necessarily work for me (and vice versa)    We discover 'Truth' is relative.  "We' are relative.


We must stand (or sit) in our  integrity to claim our Mastery (Saturn in Sagittarius)... whatever that may be.  Not always so easy. Thin lines. Truth vs lies. Disillusionment, disenchantment,  disenfranchisement. 

As hidden factors come to the surface conflict may occur.  Trying to force the situation won't work.  Surrender required. 

Communication is key. Clarity is key. Compassion is key (for self and others).  Consider carefully the beginning.  

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Know yourself. Know your enemy. 
Face the shadow, find the Sun.

All will be well. 

3. Difficulty at the Beginning
      The Image

" a blade of grass pushing against an obstacle as it sprouts out of the earth"

Times of growth are beset with difficulties. 
They resemble a first birth. But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to  attain form . Everything is in motion: therefore if one perseveres there is a  prospect of great success, in spite of the existing danger. When it is a person's  fate to undertake such new beginnings, everything is still unformed, dark. 

Hence one must hold back, because any premature move might bring disaster.  Likewise, it is very important not to remain alone; in order to overcome the  chaos we need helpers. This is not to say, however, that you should  look on passively at what is happening. You must lend your hand and  participate with inspiration and guidance.                  I Ching


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Full Moon

Happy Full Moon everyone. May you be transformed and transfixed! 

With the intensity of this Scorpio Moon (see last post) rippling out for days, we may be diving deep as we explore whats at the  core of our being. We will learn more about the nature of love and desire as we let go of old programs that limit our perception and thus our experience. That could trigger some fear, yet all it takes is faith, and trust that you will emerge victorious, like the phoenix.

The overall lesson of this Full Moon is about letting go and taking risks... and having faith (that everything will be ok) . 

You know you want to!
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Re 'Art and Soul' Collage: I have always enjoyed symbol systems like Astrology tarot, dream-work etc. and  SoulCollage® fits right in with those modalities. Working with imagery and archetypes suits my artistic nature as well as my astrological bent. I lead local Art and Soul workshops at either the New or Full Moon each month, imcluding a short intro to the general astrological weather.

 I am not quite yet a fully trained facilitator (yet), that is in progress, and in the meantime I  am enjoying this playful method of putting images on cards and discovering what they are saying to us. No artists training required. It's a powerful yet simple method for self discovery and interpersonal growth, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

I am also planning a weekend astrology workshop soon, using these same type of  collage cards to explore   basic elements in our birth chart, such as Sun, Moon and Ascendant.
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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Keep calm and Carry on! ... Full Moon in Scorpio.

On Thurs/ April 21/22 (depending on where you live) a Scorpio Full Moon sits opposite the Sun in early Taurus. A Full Moon brings current energies to a head, and given the amount of tension out there right now, things could get interesting.

Full Moons create a polarized  field between our conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon)  that often plays out in our relationships. Others become mirrors or triggers for our 'stuff'. Remember, it takes two to tango (or tangle)! 

The Full Moon occurs against the background of an intense dynamic tension between Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. (The circled areas of chart below show a tense configuration called a t-square) This combo  is causing all sorts of push-pull, up-down, in-out craziness that is challenging our cherished beliefs about what we want to do and how we want to to do it.

The energy of this Moon is going to bring our deeper issues to the surface. Here we go again!

Scorpio, (sex, death and taxes (oh fun!) i. e. shared resources, has a reputation as being dark and sultry and just  a little bit dangerous. Welcome to the the dark side...(just kidding)

Seriously though,  Scorpio does  seem to be a magnet for the shadowy underbelly of people and things, and also contains the ability to peer beneath the masks people  wear. This water sign is all about both inner and outer transformation. This is a time for looking into the depths of your being. And when you do, you never know what you'll find there. 

I don't mean to scare you. There is plenty of good there. It's just that we tend to avoid the bad and the ugly,  and right now whatevet we have been avoiding may come up to be acknowledged. It takes some courage to dive into these deep waters, yet there is always a gift, even amongst the shadows. 

So much has been brought up and swept away in recent weeks, it hard to imagine there is still more to face. This is going to take us to the next layer. 

As we wait to see what will emerge from the ashes, remember that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. It's no accident that the  Phoenix is one of the  Scorpio symbols.  Because the process we are now in concerns the deepest part of our being, our survival instincts can get easily triggered. Not to worry. Scorpio also brings with it an ability to transcend ordinary limitations. We can do this! 

Thing is, both Mars and Pluto,  who co-rule Scorpio have  just turned retrograde, which means our instinctive drives will be turned inward for a while.  So the solution to whatever dilemma arises will found on the inside, rather than in external solutions.

Anyone with a Scorpio Sun, Asc, Moon or other key planets or points in early Scorpio, could find themselves slowing down and  turning inward for the next few months.  This feeling will be amplified by Mars (action, aggression) bumping up against Saturn (restriction) and squaring Jupiter (expansion), creating an inner pressure seeking an outlet that is not easily found; like  driving with the brakes on! It is  going to be two steps forward one step back (see last two posts) 

Plus,  Venus, planet of love and money, is also in tension with  Scorpio's ruler Pluto,  adding  extra charge to our relationships, and particularly sexual relationships or those involving money. This can increase an extra juicey sensuality, so not all bad! 

With Venus in close contact with Uranus and Eris (scroll down to see last few posts) some of us will feel infused with  rebellious, renegade urges, triggering the strong compulsion to break away from others at all costs. 

As Venus also rules money, it's entirely possible we might see more chaos and  instability in  global money markets. In either scenario, the risks are high, and so are the rewards. This could spell freedom from impossible situations,  and give us a final boost to get out from under something restrictive or limiting. Or, that windfall we have been hoping for could suddenly arrive (ya never know). 

The trick is reading the signals correctly and not doing something you will regret later. They say never but more than you're willing to lose!

 The current Grand Trine in Earth signs (see the blue triangle on the chart image)  stabilizes things to a point with  Sun  in fixed earth sign Taurus helping  to ground and fine tune our senses. The Grand Trine provides a kind of container for all this bubbling and boiling up that's occurring. A crucible, if you will, so transformation can occur, rather than just destruction.

Our emotions (Moon)  are volitile under this Moon;  we may find ourselves highly reactive; lashing out or making sudden, erratic decisions, due to the intense  psychological pressure of these aspects.

Caution advised.

Both Uranus and Neptune urge us to take a more intuitive,  spiritual approach. Instead of forcing the situation, it suggests  we let go of outcomes.   Put ego aside and ask for higher guidance. Then let the cards fall where they may. 

Trust required.

The question remains, trust in what? 

It seems we are being asked to balance our dreams (Neptune) with  reality (Saturn) as webmaneuve through these tricky situations.  We will have to walk our talk, and be willing to question deeply held beliefs or habits of behaviour.   

Yes, that grand vision actually is still possible; it really is time to set our sails for new horizons. Just be prepared for any eventuality. 

And when  blockages, resistance or hidden negativity  come to the surface, be thankful you are seeing them for what they are.  Better they be seen and faced now, rather than when you are half way across the ocean with a leaky boat!   If we do  the inner work, the outer manifestation will fall into place at the correct time. 

Meanwhile, Keep calm and carry on!

You know you want to!

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Living the dream... A Visual Essay!

 Does it sometimes seem like you are going two steps forward and three steps back?  Or going in circles?

Are you frustrated with making so much effort, yet continuing to repeat the same mistakes?

 Does every effort seem huge and the end never quite in sight?
 Do the people around you seem to be helping or hindering your progress?

Are there more questions than answers!? !!!

The astrology right now is pushing us to step out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to new possibilities. Yet some of us are not so sure of where it is we are meant to be going in the first place!

Mars (forward action) is about to turn retrograde, giving us a breather as we slow down to get our bearings.  This may cause some to become impatient or begin to doubt their vision.

The thing is, sometimes those backward steps are just as important as  what we see as progress.  Insights are gained when we slow down and take the time to examine the path we are taking (or creating). We're entering a cycle containing  several retrogrades  that will take us inward to examine (yes ... again) our inner motives, our outward plans, our self fulfilling beliefs etc. 

The confusion and mixed messages right now (WTF?) are increased by the weird tension between Saturn (structure, concrete reality) and Neptune (lack of structure, illusions and delusions). Some of us are   torn between taking responsibility (Saturn) or just escaping it all (Neptune).  Are you 'living the dream' or just dreaming?

Which brings us back to  Uranus: Visionary, Exciting, Sudden Change, Awakening! ...  sitting strong in Aries,  sign of initiative, leadership, personal drive.

 This energy is opening the way for a new vision of what we want in our life,  and helping us find a better (and new) way to manifest our dreams. The Saturn Neptune aspect insists we ground those dreams in reality. It truly is time 'walk our talk' if we want our dreams to manifest. A Grand Trine in earth signs right now will help stabilize and ground us while we continue to explore our options.

Meanwhile, we get to create our future... one day at a time.  The future is NOW!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Colouring Outside the Lines Sun Uranus Eris in Aries

It's definitely time for something completely different. It's time for you to be more you than you have ever been.

Is that possible? I mean, you are who you are ... aren't you?

In reality we can only be ourselves anyway ... (who else could we be?),  but sometimes we can get lost playing roles or pleasing others or fulfilling some old expectation of ourselves based on inherited family values or cultural norms or someone else's agenda.

Well, enough of that!!

 Sun, Uranus and Eris in Aries emphasize a  Very Strong Urge for Unique Self Expression. Eris being the goddess of discord, this may mean stepping away from others expectations and stirring things up a little. You may ruffle some feathers, if up to now you have tended to colour within the lines. Suddenly, you are stepping way out of bounds and it feels so good. Don't worry about what anyone says or thinks. This is your life!

What's that saying about how playing small doesn't serve anyone? Yeah that one.

So remember, there is only one you, and you are it!
 Let your light shine!

You know you want to!

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You know you want to :) !

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Moon in Aries. Breakthrough!

It’s now just one day before Sun and Moon meet up Aries. We have a short moment to pause under the Dark of the Moon,  and gather ourselves before we begin the next cycle. Even as it joins the Sun on Thurs, the Moon will remain invisible. Then, slowly over a few days, a crescent will appear in the sky as the monthly process of waxing and waning begins anew.

Just as the rise and fall of the tides are linked to the pull of the Moons gravity, so too our bodies are tuned to her rhythms. We are two thirds water are we not?  Bones marked to keep track of women’s cycles were the beginning of recorded  time; and perhaps that began our never ending fascination with the heavenly objects in the skies above us.

If you are still feeling a bit stuck in the past, or spaced out by the Piscean fog that descended on us last month,  this Aries New Moon represents a majour point of ignition!  

Much has been cleared off of the runway over this last very emotional month, and now, as we prepare for takeoff, we must focus on the necessary checks and balances to make sure all is ready and our instruments are in working order.

Uranus, Pluto and Dwarf planet Eris will soon give us a turbo boost that could provide enough rocket fuel to blast us far out into the stratosphere.

Hence, the caution.

There are powerful forces at play now and they are not easily directed or contained. It’s like a wild horse is pulling you in many directions at once that can tear your limbs off. It’s going to take all our strength and wits to keep things under control and on course.

The  tension  from Pluto and Uranus are stirred up even more by Eris, goddess of discord, and it looks like things are going to get interesting. Although the exact conjunction of these disruptive energies (Uranus, Eris) doesn’t happen until May/June, their proximity to the New Moon means we are  seeing and feeling their effects already. (see last post)

For example, we have,  center stage of media awareness, Donald Trump, with his radical and outrageous outburst and ridiculous stances,  an obvious embodiment of Eris energy.  Then there is also Bernie Sanders, representing the more positive side of Eris, who many see as a maverick that continues  to upset the Democrats  status quo. No one really knows how its all going to turn out, as we all watch in disbelief at the bizarre day to day antics of people who are aiming to lead the most powerful country on earth (at this time).  Ayaiyaiyai!    All of which is a perfect example of the energies I am speaking of.

Politics aside, some sort of disruption or radical change will be shaking up many of us in strange and unexpected ways. Neptune continues to warp reality, and the  tension between the forces of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn)  create added pressure.

Are we having fun yet?

As I said last week, if you can find a way to harness this wild and unusual energy,  great things can be accomplished.  Just remember that bright fires burn out quickly. Saturn will be a sobering force in all this as it impedes and tempers our rashness. It can  help us  structure our advances so they will remain in place once the energy has faded. Try to avoid extremes. Think of a bi-polar person on a manic high who suddenly comes crashing down. Don't do that, if you can help it.

Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers says “ It requires using time (Saturn) as our ally to achieve measured expansion, yet not allow rules or discouragement (Saturn again) to block our possibilities."

So its definitely possible this New Moon will help us  ‘Break on through to the other side!  We just need to consider what we will do once we get there!!!

Then again, how do you plan for such a thing?

Once last thing can give us an advantage,.  Uranus represents what has been called our ‘meta-cognition’, our unique genius. This energy can activate the  intuitive knowing of the higher mind,  to guide us through these uncharted waters. If you are unsure of how to proceed,  wait for flashes of insight, and be prepared to make  mental leaps that can reveal  possibilities you could have never  imagined even a few few months ago. 

Set your intention... then

Expect the unexpected!

You know you want to!

Happy New Moon.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Face your fear and do it anyway!

 Happy April Fools Day!

Have you been tricked or fooled lately? This is a perfect time to remember that we are not in control as much as we think we are (or want to be). The laugh is on us!

So much is changing and morphing right now,  it's easy to feel confused and bewildered, as every day brings another challenge, or another weird development. We are still feeling the effects of two recent eclipses (see last posts) which will  continue to ripple out over the next few months.  As we transition between  old and the new,  we are being buffeted by strange winds,  making it a challenge to keep our bearings. 

 Our forward drive, new visions, new ideas (Sun Uranus and Mercury in Aries) are in tension with forces of intense change and crisis, and the urge to stay in control (Pluto) is putting us  under immense pressure. 

Yesterday and today the Moon in Capricorn (where Pluto is) adds to the  tension. We may fear that what we envisioned  'cant' or 'won't' happen, and instead give in to the urge to go back to what is familiar or safe. Only we can't. Everything has changed and there is no going back, even if we want to.

Under so much edgy pressure it's easy to act compulsively and to say or do something we will later regret. We may become obsessed with attack thoughts or judgements, or get tangled up in knee jerk reactions to what is going on around us, as we feel old addictions taking over again (the urge to escape the pressure) .

Naysayers may show up to  question our goals and ideas. Or you may become the naysayer! That's not necessarily such a bad thing. As Neptune continues to inspire us with visions and possibilities,  it can also delude us.  Whether a job or a relationship or a personal project, so much is in flux right now its hard to decipher whats fantasy and what's fact.  Uncertainty abounds.

Yet there's a lot of energy at our disposal if we can harness it in some way.   As our  high expectations  propel us forward, and our doubts surface, we can temper both  with clear grounded foresight (ha) and cautious optimism. If we resist facing  our limitations,  reality may intrude in the form of stalled plans (Saturn), petty details (Jupiter in Virgo), power struggles (Pluto) extra responsibility etc,  triggering doubts and insecurities when things don't go the way we planned.

When planets turn retrograde (right now Saturn, then Mars, then Pluto) things get slowed down. All of this will challenge our  expectation and  beliefs around what we have envisioned.  Inherited beliefs  are already under scrutiny with Saturn in Sagittarius. Often we don't realize how deep our conditioning big goes. 

Such as: "I don't deserve to be happy, successful', or, 'I do deserve to be happy successful ' (except I think it should just fall in my lap without any effort)   Both are distorted beliefs resulting in... Why me? Poor me etc.

To avoid feeling victimized by circumstances, we will  need  to rise above and see the bigger picture (Sagittarius).

Discernment is the key (Jupiter in Virgo).  Trust in yourself.  Listen to that inner voice.

We also can be  aware that at the moment there is a big tendency to project our 'stuff' onto others.  Mind your own business and tend to your own ship.


It may be 'two steps forward one step back' but you will get there in the end! Sometimes you have to tack against the wind, zig when you want to zag!

Luckiy, this weekend the Moon in Aquarius will bring us a bit of detachment and objectivity. Aquarian are able to 'think outside the box'. Our hidden genius may find a clear way through even yet!

One last thing: (there's always one last thing isnt there?)

We are heading toward an exact conjunction (meet up) between Uranus (the Awakener) and Eris (the Shit-Disturber) which guarantee some sudden and unexpected events or  breakthroughs. These may be triggered by confrontations or intense dramas fueled by the urge to break free of limitations that we feel have been imposed upon us (by ourselves or by others) 

(You can go to to create a chart  and see what area (house) Aries falls in, then then look up meanings in then tab above: 'Meaning of Houses' to see where a breakthrough is immanent).

This is one of the majour aspects of 2016  and many will look back on this period in as a defining moment.  Something big has been  brewing  for a while now and many of us are coming to a profound turning point  in the not too distant future (May/June).

I know, I know, astrologers are always saying that.  Yet we do live in a time of profound transformation and change, as we teeter on the edge of an era. This coming planetary meet-up marks another  key moment in our personal and collective history. All that has been healing, shifting, stirring has been clearing the stage for this event. The recent eclipses stirred the pot, bringing 'old stuff' to the surface ready to be skimmed off and released. We are in the transition now as we shake off whatever has been holding us back for so long.

   These two very revolutionary planets will activate totally unexpected factors and the ensuing fallout could have a direct impact on where we are heading. 

If you have been sailing in uncharted waters,  look to the horizon for signs of a new wind blowing. And as always, these energies will have the most impact on people who have planets in cross hairs of these planets ( especially mid to late  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

And just pray that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train!! LOL!
(just kidding) Change is good. Really! 

These things manifest in very powerful ways.  I cannot tell you how many charts I have seen of people hit by the Pluto Uranus square who underwent extreme and dramatic changes in their lives exactly as  auto or Uranus (or both) crossed some key part of their chart.  Of course everyone is different in how they will respond etc, although that too will show up in  a persons astrology. It's very helpful to understand your own ways of acting and reacting (and creating) in the midst of changing weather. We are all co creators of our own story, no matter the circumstances. Just good to know the lay of the land before you head out on the journey.

They are also part of the global breakdown that has been under way for several years.  If you want a more political slant on the Uranus Eris conjunction (Radical Awakening) , I recommend Eric Francis at Planet Waves (see side bar) who is a journalist that writes about astrology with a particular focus on American political scene (which at the moment is a perfect embodiment of these crazy energies) I mean Donal Trump!?? Really??? I think we will be seeing something interesting occurring on that front soon,  but I will leave it to others to delve into that arena.

In the meantime, all we can do is keep on keeping on!  Don't be distracted by the insanity around you (or in  you) A combination of clear thinking and intuition (gut instincts) will help you navigate the road ahead.  Even if you don't see the big picture (yet) you can still focus on the next step. You can still enjoy the dance, one step at a time.

You know you want to.

"Two people met up at a holiday resort.  As they were dancing together the first evening, one of them said...  "I'm only here for the weekend."
The other replied, 
"I'm dancing as fast as I can."

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