Saturday, 12 July 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn The Last Hurrah!

This morning was a Supermoon (closest to earth) at 20 degrees Capricorn. The Moon has some powerful aspects connecting to well as being linked into the Cardinal Grand Cross... representing tremendous transformational energies that have been accelerating and intensifying our evolutionary process over the last couple of years. This Moon marks a culmination of all that.

Capricorn represents our drive to succeed, our need to work, and our sense of authority, both inner and outer. It represents the father, or the boss, and the patriarchal systems the world has been under the thumb of for so long. Sitting opposite to the Moon, the Sun in the sign of Cancer lights up the Mother archetype and brings out our need to nurture and be nurtured. Jupiter nearby expands the emphasis on feeling and emotion, which is already present in any Full Moon.

All Full Moons represent polarity between opposites and usually bring up relationship stuff. Mercury moving  back into Cancer, where it began its backward journey a couple of weeks ago... also brings up more of the same. And there is also a square (tension) to the nodes of the Moon which are currently in Libra (relating) and Aries (individuality ).

This is also the end of the Grand Cross energy, though the Pluto Uranus square will continue into 2015.

Something is coming to a head now and something is ready to be released.

All the emotional cleansing and healing (and confronting) we have been going through this last year can now come to fruition. All that inner work and mirror work and facing our shadow can finally start to pay off. It is a breakthrough moment which will ripple out for weeks even months. We will look back on this time and say  'I remember when.....'

If you have had the opportunity recently to reflect on family patterns or emotional issues that have come to the surface, now is the time to move beyond all that. As the Full Moon peaks there is a release of energy and an opening now for something new to emerge. We don't have to endlessly repeat the same ol' same ol'.  We have had plenty. Of time to face and recognize the root causes of our neurosis ...and yes... They won't disappear overnight. But we can and will heal the past and this Capricorn Moon says we can turn round to face a brighter future. Really!

Let the drive and focus of Capricorn bring commitment and purpose into your life. Let the soft warmth of the Cancerian mother feed your soul and nurture your heart. Bring the two into balance and we have a formula for success. And what is success?

To thine  own self be true... and thou  canst be false to anyone!