Sunday, 29 April 2012

Taurus is Mother Earth

It’s nice to be back here on my blog after two weeks hiatus. I have been way off any semblance of a regular posting schedule for several months now. Health issues are sidetracking me to some degree (no astro pun intended!!)

Saturn squaring my Sun may be to blame in part (Saturn slows things down, can trigger health issues, create restrictions etc. Sun = self, and also squares Mercury very close by... which rules self-expression. Sigh!)

I will try my best to be more consistent though cannot promise anything more than my most sincere effort.

I mentioned earlier that Mars turning direct can bring up information previously hidden (or any planet turning direct after a retrograde period) Mars in Virgo moving direct has unearthed some very crucial information re my own health issues which in the long run will mean I can finally move out of a cycle of low energy that has hung about me for years and years.

In the meantime it’s going slowly and some of my projects are taking longer to manifest than my impatient self would like.

Perhaps when Mars returns to its original spot (before it turned backwards)  in my tenth house of career, there will be more forward movement. Till then lessons in surrender remind me daily to go one step at a time (Saturn).

This shows how transiting planets affect us individually as well as collectively. Though of course our choices and unconscious beliefs have a huge impact on how our lives unfold, the celestial environment does have an influence.

Right now for instance, aspects to Chiron signify deep healing and inner transformation.  The continuing grounding provided my major planets in earth signs helps us maintain a semblance of stability while we undergo what can be profound changes in our way of being. Look and see what house Chiron is in your chart will show you where these changes and transformations may be occurring.

The Grand Trine dominates the sky as the Sun in sensual earthy Taurus invites us to indulge our senses and dig deep into the earth, breathing in her rich aromas of fragrant fecundity. New growth and new ideas blossom in this rich and benevolent atmosphere as Mother earth surrounds us in her nurturing embrace.

Jupiter in Taurus can bring so much expansion on a physical level we may have to be careful of our amplified taste buds and culinary indulgences expanding our waistlines!! Forward moving Mars can be useful for propelling us into some exercise as well.

Meanwhile, today’s Moon in warm friendly Leo trines both Uranus and Mercury in Aries and links to Venus in Gemini. This vibrant, expressive and highly social energy field will bring people out of the woodwork to enjoy all kinds of interactions. We are strong in our neighbour as we connect to each other.

It’s a lovely weekend, back-grounded by the continuous rumblings and tumblings of our shifting, changing, transforming planet. The current gift of earth energy will continue all week and help us to stand still and ground deeply into who we are.  

Blessed be!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mars moving forward

Mars is finally changing direction and things will start to speed up. Sort of…

Don’t worry the fuse is definitely lit … I can already feel the shift in energy. Yet there are still obstacles in the way.

While Mars faces forward, Pluto turns back to retrace its steps for a while. This changing of the guard, so to speak, as the two warriors switch directions, one forward, one backward, creates a powerful build up of tension that may feel aggressive, pushy or highly impatient.

After feeling held back for months, there’s some edginess in the air. The Sun opposite Saturn for the next few days adds to the sense of tension and pressure. We may have to move cautiously for a while yet, as Mars retraces it’s steps back through Virgo.

Melancholy by Sue Raven (c)
 As mentioned in other posts, retrograde planets have us looking inward or take us back over things as we review whatever the house or sign covers. Mars is the planet of action and Virgo rules health work, and day-to-day dealings.

While Mars has been going backward in my 10th house of career, health issues (Virgo rules health, details, work)... has caused me to delay starting new work. This transit has also brought out a recent discovery that I have serious heavy metal poisoning (Mars rules metals). Apparently, according to Eric Francis at Planet Waves, when a retrograde planet turns direct, hidden information tends to appear. I got the blood tests results just as Mars turned around to face forward. What are the odds of that?

I also have a very strong Mercury in my chart (conjunct Sun/Self) as well as Saturn (1st house, body), and Saturn rules lead. Rather symbolic  that I have an excess of mercury and lead in both my astrological chart and my body!!

Gotta love Astrology!!

 Though it may seem like bad news, in fact it means I can finally deal with what's been negatively affecting my energy levels and start to move forward. Retrogrades do have their uses!

 Pluto going backward in Capricorn will have all of us reviewing our power relationships and issues with authority, which are already under pressure everywhere as Pluto more and more closely squares Uranus. Depending on what house Pluto is in your chart, what you thought was solid and stable may go through some kind of shake up or transformation. All around, things are begging for a new vision; a new way of living in the world. 

The tension of all this uncertainty may bring hidden issues to the surface under Pluto’s retrograde motion.  There may be more financial disasters uncovered, or old debts coming due. New ways, new systems  have to be found. 

And we will need to be aware of a tendency now to unconsciously create conflict. It is extra important now to focus on positive rather than negative processes and outcomes.

This coming Tuesday, Mercury, now heading forward again,  immediately hits Uranus once again.  Sudden insights and awakenings can happen under this transit, as Uranus accelerates our thinking and communication in the innovative sign of Aries.

As you to start to see your way forward, hold onto that vision; it will serve you well in coming months.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Choice/No choice

A friend of mine and I got into an extended and rather funny discussion about the idea of ‘free will’ today over on my Aurum Astrology page on Facebook (see sidebar) She was saying we are sort of  pre-programmed… like a video game… and the only choice we have is to enjoy… or not. I was arguing for personal choice.

In reality we are both saying the same thing from different viewpoints. I think she was saying that this is all an illusion anyway, as it is all a play we are in and we are merely acting out our parts (my interpretation of her words)

I was saying yes, but we chose to be here (my belief) and we can choose how we act out those parts…etc etc. Astrology shows what options/parts we have chosen  (our tendencies) and even then I still think we have a lot of leeway.

Astrology often triggers this kind of discussion.  I don’t believe in predictions per se, and feel strongly that we always have choice. Yet I find myself writing a weekly blog about what’s going on. I do try to use words like ‘may’ and ‘could’ rather than ‘will’ and ‘should’… because I feel so strongly about personal choice. ‘The planets Impel they do not Compel.’ (Liz Greene)

Interestingly, I just did an Astrological reading for someone whose birth date and time is extremely close to another person I know.

It’s really interesting to see the similarities between them, and also the differences. Both are Pisces and have some very distinctly similar Piscean characteristics, yet they each act them out in their own unique ways.

For example, the abundance of Neptunian and Piscean aspects in both their charts brings a great deal of creativity to one person, while in the other it manifests as healing and intuitive skills. Same energy; different manifestation.

 They are opposite genders as well, which in itself can bring in a differenct  manner of expressing the same or similar chart, based on hormonal differences, cultural influences etc.

Astrology has been  extremely helpful in each case to develop self understanding, yet I could not have predicted the ways they have each chosen to express these qualities. 

I see this as a system for understanding ourselves, not for predicting what is going to happen. Many people use it this way I know, but to me that takes all the fun and surprise out of life and diminishes my sense of choice, as well as my need to feel my way through.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a general overview. I would guess that is why you are here as well. If its going to rain I thank the weather person for giving me the heads up. Yet the truth is, they are not always right, and sometimes its just simpler to put my head out the window, feel the air and look at the sky.

Weather report tomorrow.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter 2012 Full Moon in Libra

Did you see the Moon last night?  A beauty!! So innocent and lovely in appearance,  yet so powerful. ( iron fist in a velvet glove?)

Full and bright at 17 degrees  Libra, close to Saturn in Libra and opposite Sun mid Aries,  plus Squared Pluto 9 deg. Capricorn and where I live, Square Asc. in Cancer.

Yikes!! Another Grand Cross formation... or, depending where you live,  at the least a T-Square. This Full Moon is a culmination of the powerful forces triggered by the Sun conjunct Uranus at the last New Moon. (scroll down to see New Moon article a few posts back)

This Easter weekend things are feeling  highly dynamic and pretty pressurized, via the extreme tension between these heavy hitters,  and increased by the Moon also having just passed over Uranus (the Awakener)

If you haven't felt the shift - from dormant and held back, to sparking forward,  you should now!!
The fuse has been lit and is starting to burn!

We also have a Grand Cross: four square  (= tense)  angles... (see last post)  in what are called mutable (changable) signs... between Mars, Venus, Neptune/Chiron and the North Node. There is a vulnerability to this combination  causing a tendency toward touchiness and tender or hurt feelings. Be gentle with yourself and those around you.

Mercury has just turned direct and Mars is about to, while Pluto is about to go retrograde.
In doing so, the gap will lesson between Pluto and Uranus as they head toward a face off in June.

This will add to the already tense atmosphere between the god of death and transformation (in Capricorn, materiality, established systems, authoritarian regimes) and the god of planet of revolution, rebellion and awakening.We will see even more uprisings and potentially violent confrontations manifesting as this energy seeks expression..

This is a powerful Easter sky, and from here on things are going to feel more and more pressurized and amplified. Whatever happens, it will be a year of powerful changes and deep transformations, on both a personal and global scale. This energy can be used creatively and positively or violently and destructively. The choice is up to us.

The Full Moon in Libra draws our focus to relationships again. Saturn going back and forth in Libra over the past year has been forcing us to examine our interconnectedness, and our relationship dynamics, asking us to clear out what is not working and/or commit more fully to what is.
 It's pretty much saying 'shit or get off the pot!!'

If you have planets in early Cardinal signs(Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) this is an especially challenging time.

A close friend who's Sun (self) in Libra was being hit by this square full on in the past year, has passed on suddenly, and unexpectedly,  just as Uranus (awakener, freedom) moved into an exact opposition of her Sun. Her departure was  sudden, and quite shocking (no one can believe she is gone); she surprised us all in true Uranian fashion. This was also a strong signature in her natal chart, so seems a perfect expression of her life and personality. She was a true free spirit, always seeking creative means of escaping restrictions; now she has that freedom bigtime!

 Bless you Maggie. Enjoy watching it all from wherever you are!! We will miss you.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us back on earth, Saturn can be tough medicine as it makes us face our limitations and admit our folly. It asks us to be clear and strong and to take responsibility for our own shadow... (what is hidden in ourselves that we project onto others). We grown strong through Saturn's challenges, even though we may resist the lessons at first. And we need to be able to differentiate between strength and rigidity.

A Full moon (especially in such close aspect to Saturn) amplifies those polarities, while at the same time we have Mars squaring Venus. That's the planet of masculine, yang energy (desire, action and aggression) squaring the female, yin archetype of beauty, receptivity to love, and relating. Arguments and stand offs could occur more often under this influence. We all may be a bit more trigger happy right now.

All this points to a focus on Right Relationship. How do I respect and love myself while at the same time doing the same for others. How much do I project my own anger and judgement outward when it is really myself that I am needing to change...  or forgive?

As we enter into this time of acceleration and transformation, everything will be amplified to a level which could cause some discomfort, as it pushes us to shift our consciousness above a level of just survival; of us vs them. When we are stuck in the lower frequencies, see see everything and everyone as a threat. Or, we try to hook into others as a source of energy in the false perception that we are somehow lacking.

Either way, right now any relationships that are operating from an adversarial perspective will become glaringly obvious. Libra's symbol is the scales. Balance and harmony is the theme. Love is the goal.

Full Moon's bring polarities into focus and ask us to find the meeting point.

As Libra's ruler, Venus (planet of love) squares Mars, things could be pretty edgy for sure,  and...  they could also be exciting.  There's a juiciness to all this wild energy moving around us; a lot of chemistry that we can channel in positive (and oh so fun)  ways.

So, to summarize: recent retrogrades have been holding back the tide for several months, and now that things are shifting forward, energies held back may now flood over us in a rather alarming fashion. The Full Moon has brought  everything to a peak,  combined with  powerful planetary configurations causing a dynamic tension begging for positive expression.

Over the next week, as  we shift into the disseminating phase, those waves of energy  will then slowly ripple out into the pond. 

Everything is calling for renewal and regeneration as all of nature is awakening and starting to grow and blossom. So we too will begin to move into new levels of awareness and creative expression.

It's a new day, its a new dawn.  Happy Easter!

by Maggie Bevan 1945-2012          Rest in Peace Maggie

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On....

I have certainly been having a retrograde experience writing this blog lately! My schedule is all wacky and I apologize for the randomness of when I post. Whether its due to Mars going backward in my 10th house of career, or because it is in Virgo, which rules health, a two month cycle of constant flu’s and colds has knocked me way out of anything like a normal routine. It’s definitely been two steps forward, one step back!

Oh well, Mercury in Pisces right now says go with the flow, so when in Rome….

The good news is: Mercury stations direct this Wed. April 4th. That means it stops its backward motion and begins to retrace its path through the last degrees of Pisces and back into Aries… (just in time to square Pluto and set the stage for the exact Pluto Uranus Square!! ) 

I was going to say… ‘and things can get back to normal’ , but there is no longer any 'normal' to get back to!! Everything is accelerating and the best we can do is stay present and enjoy the ride.

 The period just before and after Mercury turns is called the 'storm' phase and is a particularly delicate time. Retrogrades give us a chance to go back over things one more time… and Mercury in Pisces was/is about tuning into the depths. This led us into deep waters of the Neptune ruled subconscious realms.

As it turns forward again, it could trigger a tsunami of creative outpourings;  all that deep Piscean stuff can now be expressed outwardly. Just keep your swimming goggles handy (for clarity) as you get out your pens or paints,or your chisel. (Michelangelo eat your heart out!)

Insights and inspiration are truly needed now as we head toward a very powerful Full Moon that promises to knock our socks off.

 The rest period is now officially over.

The Libra Full Moon involves a Sun/Moon, Saturn/Pluto T-square in cardinal signs that is just about as pressurized as the Grand Cross of last year… setting off more rebellion, revolt, resistance, and hopefully, renewal, both  politically and personally.

 At the same time, Mars, Venus and Neptune/Chiron square off in Mutable signs ( fluid, changeable, uncertain).  

This is edgy energy, and a good deal of it is going to be focused on relationships. Mars (will, desire, aggression),   squared Venus (love, harmony, relating),     squared Neptune (intuition, fantasy dreams, illusions),   along with Chiron (wounds, vulnerability,  healing) will bring us some personal challenges and/or standoffs with those we love (or hate). Sometimes the shattering of illusions can be for our healing, though it may not feel like it at the time.  (more on the Full Moon in Thursday's post)

 In the meantime, watch your step and be as conscious as you can, and if you  feel the  sands  beginning to shift below your  feet, know that nothing can remain static at this time.

Things are revving up now after all these months of slow downs and blockages. And as we move more fully into the spring cycle, that fuse I mentioned a few weeks back is starting to burn a bit more brightly (A Spring Re-Awakening)After all this time of hesitation and inward reflection, it is now almost time to begin moving forward again. When Mars goes direct on April 14 things will start to speed up even more.

Question is:  forward into what?  Are we merely leaping from the frying pan into the fire?  Sorry to sound heavy... its just one of those years I am afraid!

Luckily, for the moment, there's also a sense of playfulness coming, with Venus stepping into sociable Gemini just as Mercury goes direct, highlighting communications of all kinds. Venus here loves to flirt and visit and talk till the cows come home. This is excellent for all social endeavours.

People also talk more when they are nervous. The mix of unsettling energies now can trigger a lot of surface chatter to cover an unconscious sense of unease. It’s healthy in stressful times to lighten up and have some fun, and Venus in Gemini is the one to help us do it. Just be careful not to become too distracted, as there is a need to be awake and alert in the coming days. 

I just read an article about the Mayan prophesy and all the changes and upheaval scheduled for planet earth in the coming year, particularly as the Sun crosses the gravitational belt of the Galactic Core on 12.12.12.  The key is to remain conscious and awake… or to try to become so.

This is about the evolution of human consciousness. We have the choice to work with these intense energies, rather than fearing or resisting them. It’s all about transformation (Pluto) and awakening (Uranus).

'There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on…'

it’s heaven and hell manifested simultaneously. It tells us that humanity is moving towards a new era of harmony, but in order to get there, we have to confront our greatest fears and accept that we experience difficult situations so that we can learn from them.”
                                                  “The Second Mayan Prophecy” quoted by Robert     
                                                             Wilkinson in Aquarius Papers,